WHISLER J STEVEN Insider Trading

Get the latest insider transactions of WHISLER J STEVEN. WHISLER J STEVEN is Director in BRUNSWICK CORP ($BC) and Director in CSX CORP ($CSX) and Director in INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO /NEW/ ($IP). Discover the current value of WHISLER J STEVEN shares.


WHISLER J STEVEN is Insider in these Companies

TickerCompany NameCurrent and Previous PositionsTotal SharesCurrent Value ($)
BCBRUNSWICK CORPDirector67,5944,044,824.96
CSXCSX CORPDirector11,436545,268.48

Insider Trading Transactions of WHISLER J STEVEN

DateTickerCompanyOwnerRelationship Transaction Cost ($) Shares Transaction Value ($) Total Shares
Sep 16 2020CSXCSX CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy80.2739731,86711,436
Aug 03 2020BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy66.9898465,90867,594
Jun 16 2020CSXCSX CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy70.1541829,32311,000
May 12 2020IPINTERNATIONAL PAPER CO /N ...WHISLER J STEVENDirectorOption Exercise0.008,6580140,517
May 04 2020BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy47.721,38165,90166,362
Mar 16 2020CSXCSX CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy57.9450729,37610,536
Feb 04 2020BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy62.851,04965,93064,616
Dec 16 2019CSXCSX CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy72.7840329,3307,778
Nov 04 2019BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy58.241,13265,92863,338
Sep 16 2019CSXCSX CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy72.4740529,3507,352
Aug 02 2019BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy49.161,34065,87461,988
Jun 17 2019CSXCSX CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy77.1738029,3256,926
May 14 2019IPINTERNATIONAL PAPER CO /N ...WHISLER J STEVENDirectorOption Exercise0.006,5150125,536
May 02 2019BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy51.211,28966,01060,392
May 02 2019BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy51.211,28966,01060,392
Mar 19 2019CSXCSX CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy72.8140329,3426,525
Feb 08 2019CSXCSX CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy68.092,426165,1866,122
Feb 04 2019BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy50.321,31165,97058,895
Dec 17 2018CSXCSX CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy65.8339826,2003,685
Nov 01 2018BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy51.991,26965,97557,356
Sep 18 2018CSXCSX CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy73.4835726,2323,277
Aug 02 2018BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy64.301,05667,90155,949
Jun 18 2018CSXCSX CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy66.6539326,1932,912
May 08 2018IPINTERNATIONAL PAPER CO /N ...WHISLER J STEVENDirectorOption Exercise0.006,0810114,441
May 02 2018BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy59.881,05663,23354,789
Mar 15 2018CSXCSX CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy56.7546226,2192,509
Feb 09 2018CSXCSX CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy52.972,741145,19142,118
Feb 02 2018BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy62.781,00763,21953,424
Dec 18 2017CSXCSX CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy52.9349526,2002,042
Nov 02 2017BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy50.651,24963,26252,417
Sep 19 2017CSXCSX CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy52.4850126,2921,542
Aug 02 2017BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy56.611,11663,17751,029
Jun 19 2017CSXCSX CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy53.2949326,2721,040
May 09 2017IPINTERNATIONAL PAPER CO /N ...WHISLER J STEVENDirectorOption Exercise0.006,4540104,944
May 01 2017BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy56.751,11463,22049,797
Mar 17 2017CSXCSX CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy47.9554726,229547
Feb 10 2017CSXCSX CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy47.964,031193,32739,377
Feb 01 2017BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy59.8660636,27548,568
Nov 01 2016BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy43.5083336,23647,834
Aug 01 2016BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy49.6273136,27246,866
May 10 2016IPINTERNATIONAL PAPER CO /N ...WHISLER J STEVENDirectorOption Exercise0.007,620094,865
May 03 2016BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy48.0374235,63846,008
Feb 12 2016CSXCSX CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy0.005,819035,346
Feb 01 2016BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy39.8589435,62645,133
Nov 03 2015BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy53.8166235,62244,126
Aug 03 2015BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy53.0967135,62343,368
May 12 2015IPINTERNATIONAL PAPER CO /N ...WHISLER J STEVENDirectorOption Exercise0.006,069083,827
May 01 2015BCBRUNSWICK CORPWHISLER J STEVENDirectorBuy50.0471235,62842,609