LIDDY EDWARD M Insider Trading

Get the latest insider transactions of LIDDY EDWARD M. LIDDY EDWARD M is Director in ABBOTT LABORATORIES ($ABT) and Director in BOEING CO ($BA) and Director in 3M CO ($MMM) and Director in AbbVie Inc. ($ABBV). Discover the current value of LIDDY EDWARD M shares.


LIDDY EDWARD M is Insider in these Companies

TickerCompany NameCurrent and Previous PositionsTotal SharesCurrent Value ($)
ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESDirector30,1271,292,147.03
ABBVAbbVie Inc.Director26,6831,618,323.95
BABOEING CODirector00.00
MMM3M CODirector59,81010,512,205.60

Insider Trading Transactions of LIDDY EDWARD M

DateTickerCompanyOwnerRelationship Transaction Cost ($) Shares Transaction Value ($) Total Shares
May 11 2021ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.001,681026,683
Apr 01 2021ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise108.2231133,65628,094
Oct 02 2020ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00385026,908
Oct 02 2020ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00385026,908
Jul 02 2020ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00335026,288
May 12 2020ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.002,333025,002
May 04 2020MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy151.9222233,72659,810
Apr 28 2020ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.001,974030,127
Apr 28 2020ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise93.689,671905,9799,671
Apr 03 2020BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00108022,926
Apr 02 2020ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00426025,428
Feb 03 2020MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy162.5120833,80258,999
Jan 06 2020BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00151022,637
Jan 03 2020ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00367024,692
Oct 30 2019MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy169.0620033,81258,294
Oct 03 2019BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00132022,355
Oct 01 2019ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00429024,035
Jul 31 2019MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy176.7619133,76157,601
Jul 03 2019BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00139022,097
Jul 02 2019ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00446023,211
May 16 2019MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.00977056,924
May 02 2019MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.00177055,948
Apr 30 2019ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.002,241028,153
Apr 30 2019ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise78.0611,606905,96411,606
Apr 03 2019BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00145021,831
Apr 02 2019ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00403022,459
Jan 04 2019BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00141021,586
Jan 03 2019ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00352021,768
Oct 03 2018BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00119021,335
Oct 02 2018ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00343021,190
Aug 15 2018MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.00197054,461
Jul 05 2018BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00135021,112
Jul 02 2018ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00341020,643
Jul 02 2018ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00341020,643
May 10 2018MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.005052,641
May 10 2018MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.00951053,592
May 07 2018ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.001,899020,250
May 07 2018ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.001,899020,250
May 01 2018ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.002,945025,912
May 01 2018ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise59.4215,247905,97715,247
Apr 04 2018BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00139020,876
Apr 02 2018ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00330020,115
Feb 06 2018MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.00159052,636
Jan 04 2018BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00152020,634
Jan 03 2018ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00323019,664
Nov 16 2017MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.00179052,209
Oct 04 2017BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00177020,377
Aug 22 2017ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy48.961,18558,01222,967
Aug 16 2017MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.00180051,735
Jul 06 2017BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00227020,081
Jul 05 2017ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00430018,688
May 10 2017MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.0014050,196
May 10 2017MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.001,058051,254
May 09 2017ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.002,770018,351
May 02 2017ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.003,437021,782
May 02 2017ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise43.6419,890868,00019,890
Apr 05 2017BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00255019,707
Apr 04 2017ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00479018,083
Feb 08 2017MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.00196049,855
Jan 05 2017BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00288019,302
Jan 04 2017ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00859020,113
Jan 04 2017ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00499017,423
Nov 09 2016MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.00199049,346
Oct 05 2016BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00313018,879
Oct 04 2016ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00780019,129
Oct 04 2016ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00495016,772
Aug 10 2016MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.00200048,849
Jul 15 2016ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00539016,140
Jul 06 2016BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00318018,413
Jul 05 2016ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00839018,243
May 12 2016MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.008047,171
May 12 2016MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.001,170048,341
May 10 2016ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.002,974015,581
May 03 2016ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.003,799018,345
Apr 05 2016BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00327017,940
Apr 04 2016ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00603015,459
Apr 01 2016ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00788017,286
Feb 03 2016MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.00224046,826
Jan 06 2016BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00293017,456
Jan 05 2016ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00734016,385
Jan 05 2016ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00582014,698
Nov 12 2015MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.00238046,300
Oct 05 2015BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00316017,057
Oct 02 2015ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00634013,997
Oct 02 2015ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00820015,566
Aug 13 2015MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.00219045,745
Jul 06 2015BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00293016,624
Jul 02 2015ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00672014,675
Jul 02 2015ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00513013,264
May 14 2015MMM3M COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.001,175044,981
May 12 2015ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.002,187012,607
Apr 28 2015ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorBuy0.002,793014,546
Apr 03 2015BABOEING COLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00278016,226
Apr 02 2015ABTABBOTT LABORATORIESLIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00712013,934
Apr 02 2015ABBVAbbVie Inc.LIDDY EDWARD MDirectorOption Exercise0.00589012,653