Granger Elder Insider Trading

Get the latest insider transactions of Granger Elder. Granger Elder is Director in CERNER Corp ($CERN) and Director in DLH Holdings Corp. ($TSTF) and Director in Express Scripts Holding Co. ($ESRX) and Director in Cigna Corp ($CI). Discover the current value of Granger Elder shares.


Granger Elder is Insider in these Companies

TickerCompany NameCurrent and Previous PositionsTotal SharesCurrent Value ($)
ESRXExpress Scripts Holding Co.Director00.00
TSTFDLH Holdings Corp.Director98,3160.00
CICigna CorpDirector7,106
CERNCERNER CorpDirector3,322178,059.20

Insider Trading Transactions of Granger Elder

DateTickerCompanyOwnerRelationship Transaction Cost ($) Shares Transaction Value ($) Total Shares
Jun 28 2021CICigna CorpGranger ElderDirectorBuy126.323,844485,5837,106
Jun 28 2021CICigna CorpGranger ElderDirectorBuy151.481,000151,4798,106
Jun 28 2021CICigna CorpGranger ElderDirectorSell237.064,8441,148,3193,262
Jun 28 2021CICigna CorpGranger ElderDirectorOption Exercise151.481,000151,4792,376
Jun 28 2021CICigna CorpGranger ElderDirectorOption Exercise126.323,844485,5830
Mar 02 2021CICigna CorpGranger ElderDirectorBuy0.0022603,079
Dec 02 2020CICigna CorpGranger ElderDirectorBuy0.0022702,853
Nov 18 2020CERNCERNER CorpGranger ElderDirectorBuy0.003,32203,322
Nov 18 2020CERNCERNER CorpGranger ElderDirectorBuy0.001,66104,983
Sep 02 2020CICigna CorpGranger ElderDirectorBuy0.0026702,626
Jun 02 2020CICigna CorpGranger ElderDirectorBuy0.0024002,359
Mar 03 2020CICigna CorpGranger ElderDirectorBuy0.0025902,119
Dec 02 2019CICigna CorpGranger ElderDirectorBuy0.0023701,860
Nov 12 2019TSTFDLH Holdings Corp.Granger ElderDirectorBuy0.0012,500098,316
Sep 04 2019CICigna CorpGranger ElderDirectorBuy0.0030801,623
Jun 04 2019CICigna CorpGranger ElderDirectorBuy0.0032001,315
Mar 04 2019CICigna CorpGranger ElderDirectorBuy0.002720995
Dec 26 2018CICigna CorpGranger ElderDirectorBuy0.001,58701,587
Dec 26 2018CICigna CorpGranger ElderDirectorBuy0.0020101,788
Dec 26 2018CICigna CorpGranger ElderDirectorOption Exercise175.091,547270,8701,547
Dec 26 2018CICigna CorpGranger ElderDirectorOption Exercise151.483,376511,3923,376
Dec 26 2018CICigna CorpGranger ElderDirectorOption Exercise126.323,844485,5833,844
Dec 21 2018TSTFDLH Holdings Corp.Granger ElderDirectorBuy0.0012,500085,816
Dec 21 2018ESRXExpress Scripts Holding C ...Granger ElderDirectorSell0.006,52300
Dec 21 2018ESRXExpress Scripts Holding C ...Granger ElderDirectorOption Exercise84.083,222270,9060
Dec 21 2018ESRXExpress Scripts Holding C ...Granger ElderDirectorOption Exercise72.747,032511,5080
Dec 21 2018ESRXExpress Scripts Holding C ...Granger ElderDirectorOption Exercise60.668,006485,6440
Nov 13 2018TSTFDLH Holdings Corp.Granger ElderDirectorBuy0.0014,167073,316
May 14 2018ESRXExpress Scripts Holding C ...Granger ElderDirectorBuy0.002,81806,523
Nov 14 2017TSTFDLH Holdings Corp.Granger ElderDirectorBuy0.0015,000059,149
Nov 14 2016TSTFDLH Holdings Corp.Granger ElderDirectorBuy0.0015,625044,149
Oct 03 2016TSTFDLH Holdings Corp.Granger ElderDirectorBuy3.731,0243,82016,024
Oct 03 2016TSTFDLH Holdings Corp.Granger ElderDirectorBuy1.8812,50023,50028,524
Oct 03 2016TSTFDLH Holdings Corp.Granger ElderDirectorOption Exercise3.7315,00055,9500
Oct 03 2016TSTFDLH Holdings Corp.Granger ElderDirectorOption Exercise1.8812,50023,5000
May 06 2016ESRXExpress Scripts Holding C ...Granger ElderDirectorBuy0.001,37402,057
May 06 2016ESRXExpress Scripts Holding C ...Granger ElderDirectorOption Exercise72.747,032511,5087,032
Dec 23 2015TSTFDLH Holdings Corp.Granger ElderDirectorBuy0.0015,000015,000
May 08 2015ESRXExpress Scripts Holding C ...Granger ElderDirectorBuy0.006830683
May 08 2015ESRXExpress Scripts Holding C ...Granger ElderDirectorOption Exercise84.083,222270,9063,222