CORRELL DONALD L Insider Trading

Get the latest insider transactions of CORRELL DONALD L. CORRELL DONALD L is Director in HEALTHSOUTH CORP ($HLSH) and Director in NEW JERSEY RESOURCES CORP ($NJR). Discover the current value of CORRELL DONALD L shares.


CORRELL DONALD L is Insider in these Companies

TickerCompany NameCurrent and Previous PositionsTotal SharesCurrent Value ($)
HLSHEncompass Health CorpDirector76,0060.00

Insider Trading Transactions of CORRELL DONALD L

DateTickerCompanyOwnerRelationship Transaction Cost ($) Shares Transaction Value ($) Total Shares
May 10 2021HLSHEncompass Health CorpCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.001,757076,006
Apr 19 2021HLSHEncompass Health CorpCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00247074,249
Jan 22 2021NJRNEW JERSEY RESOURCES CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorOption Exercise0.004,19904,199
Jan 20 2021HLSHEncompass Health CorpCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00244074,002
Oct 20 2020HLSHEncompass Health CorpCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00298073,758
Jul 20 2020HLSHEncompass Health CorpCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00309073,460
May 07 2020HLSHEncompass Health CorpCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.002,304073,151
Apr 17 2020HLSHEncompass Health CorpCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00279070,847
Mar 19 2020NJRNEW JERSEY RESOURCES CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorSell26.7610,000267,6273,558
Mar 16 2020HLSHEncompass Health CorpCORRELL DONALD LDirectorSell59.042,000118,08070,568
Jan 24 2020NJRNEW JERSEY RESOURCES CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorOption Exercise0.003,44903,449
Jan 21 2020HLSHEncompass Health CorpCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00250072,568
Oct 17 2019HLSHEncompass Health CorpCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00298072,318
Jul 17 2019HLSHEncompass Health CorpCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00288072,020
May 07 2019HLSHEncompass Health CorpCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.002,327071,732
Apr 24 2019HLSHEncompass Health CorpCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00291069,405
Jan 16 2019HLSHEncompass Health CorpCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00269069,114
Jan 04 2019NJRNEW JERSEY RESOURCES CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorOption Exercise0.002,472021,492
Oct 17 2018HLSHEncompass Health CorpCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00238068,845
Jul 18 2018HLSHEncompass Health CorpCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00237068,607
May 07 2018HLSHEncompass Health CorpCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.002,386068,370
Apr 18 2018HLSHEncompass Health CorpCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00274065,984
Jan 18 2018HLSHEncompass Health CorpCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00303065,710
Jan 03 2018NJRNEW JERSEY RESOURCES CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorOption Exercise0.002,635018,768
Oct 18 2017HLSHHEALTHSOUTH CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00344065,407
Jul 19 2017HLSHHEALTHSOUTH CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00322065,063
May 05 2017HLSHHEALTHSOUTH CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.003,066064,741
Apr 19 2017HLSHHEALTHSOUTH CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00319061,675
Feb 02 2017NJRNEW JERSEY RESOURCES CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorOption Exercise0.002,825015,605
Jan 19 2017HLSHHEALTHSOUTH CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00333061,356
Jan 05 2017NJRNEW JERSEY RESOURCES CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorOption Exercise0.002,849018,321
Oct 19 2016HLSHHEALTHSOUTH CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00346061,023
Jul 19 2016HLSHHEALTHSOUTH CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00329060,677
May 09 2016HLSHHEALTHSOUTH CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.003,559060,348
Apr 19 2016HLSHHEALTHSOUTH CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00336056,789
Jan 20 2016HLSHHEALTHSOUTH CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00360056,453
Jan 05 2016NJRNEW JERSEY RESOURCES CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorOption Exercise0.002,748015,068
Oct 19 2015HLSHHEALTHSOUTH CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00313056,093
Jul 16 2015HLSHHEALTHSOUTH CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00242055,780
May 11 2015HLSHHEALTHSOUTH CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.002,859055,538
Apr 17 2015HLSHHEALTHSOUTH CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00225052,679
Feb 23 2015HLSHHEALTHSOUTH CORPCORRELL DONALD LDirectorBuy0.00557052,454