CONWAY JOHN W Insider Trading

Get the latest insider transactions of CONWAY JOHN W. CONWAY JOHN W is Director in PPL Corp ($PPL) and in CROWN HOLDINGS INC ($CCK) and Chairman and CEO in CROWN HOLDINGS INC ($CCK). Discover the current value of CONWAY JOHN W shares.


CONWAY JOHN W is Insider in these Companies

TickerCompany NameCurrent and Previous PositionsTotal SharesCurrent Value ($)
PPLPPL CorpDirector00.00
CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INC1,031,04354,335,966.10

Insider Trading Transactions of CONWAY JOHN W

DateTickerCompanyOwnerRelationship Transaction Cost ($) Shares Transaction Value ($) Total Shares
Feb 22 2021CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WBuy98.6436836,3001,031,043
Jan 05 2021PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.001,3600174,409
Oct 02 2020PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.001,3610170,484
Jul 02 2020PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.001,4310166,613
Apr 29 2020CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WBuy60.8959636,2881,029,760
Apr 03 2020PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.001,6380162,606
Feb 14 2020CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WBuy79.1345936,3221,029,164
Jan 06 2020PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.001,0590158,104
Oct 28 2019CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WBuy69.3448733,7671,028,705
Oct 03 2019PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.001,1180155,237
Jul 30 2019CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WBuy62.4754133,7951,028,218
Jul 02 2019PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.001,1450152,115
May 01 2019CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WBuy58.2758033,7991,156,677
May 01 2019CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WSell58.2595,7915,580,0171,060,886
May 01 2019CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WSell57.5033,2091,909,5181,027,677
Apr 02 2019PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.001,1060148,961
Feb 19 2019CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WBuy53.4063333,8021,156,097
Feb 14 2019CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WSell53.51129,0006,902,7771,155,464
Jan 04 2019PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.001,2450145,952
Oct 26 2018CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WBuy43.8277133,7841,284,464
Oct 02 2018PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.001,1890142,627
Jul 30 2018CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WBuy42.9578633,7621,283,693
Jul 03 2018PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.001,2180139,495
Apr 30 2018CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WBuy50.1267433,7781,282,907
Apr 04 2018PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.001,2470136,332
Feb 20 2018CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WBuy50.9866333,7981,282,233
Jan 10 2018CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WSell0.0076,25501,281,570
Jan 03 2018PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.001,1440133,140
Oct 30 2017CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WBuy60.1449930,0101,357,825
Oct 04 2017PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.008620130,314
Jul 31 2017CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WBuy59.4850530,0371,357,326
Jul 06 2017PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.008490128,111
May 01 2017CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WBuy55.7253930,0341,356,821
Apr 05 2017PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.008760125,962
Feb 15 2017CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WBuy52.9956730,0441,356,282
Jan 05 2017PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.009550123,769
Jan 05 2017CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WSell0.0027,59401,377,594
Jan 05 2017CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WSell53.1621,8791,163,0881,355,715
Oct 31 2016CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WBuy54.4755130,0111,405,188
Oct 05 2016PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.009570121,457
Aug 01 2016CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WBuy53.2656430,0391,404,637
Jul 06 2016PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.008640119,166
May 02 2016CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WBuy53.7655829,9981,404,073
Apr 05 2016PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.008510117,118
Mar 01 2016CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WSell0.0078,51501,424,307
Mar 01 2016CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WSell46.1820,792960,1751,403,515
Jan 06 2016PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.009650115,122
Jan 05 2016CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WSell49.7633,8641,685,0731,502,822
Oct 05 2015PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.009970112,891
Jul 02 2015PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.001,1000110,614
Jun 04 2015PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.003410108,150
May 05 2015PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.003170107,810
Apr 02 2015PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.003220107,493
Mar 02 2015CCKCROWN HOLDINGS INCCONWAY JOHN WChairman and CEOSell53.005,336282,8081,536,686
Jan 05 2015PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.006810104,046
Jan 05 2015PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.008940105,999
Dec 02 2014PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.005560103,365
Nov 03 2014PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.005640102,809
Oct 01 2014PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.006010101,113
Sep 02 2014PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.005410100,512
Aug 01 2014PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00674099,970
Jul 03 2014PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00604099,296
Jun 02 2014PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00591097,657
May 01 2014PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00592097,065
Apr 03 2014PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00825096,473
Mar 06 2014PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00617094,573
Feb 04 2014PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00728093,956
Jan 02 2014PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00789092,096
Dec 03 2013PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00611091,307
Nov 04 2013PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00775090,696
Oct 04 2013PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00676089,921
Sep 04 2013PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00611088,187
Aug 01 2013PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00748087,577
Jul 02 2013PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00620085,782
Jun 04 2013PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00699085,163
May 02 2013PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00592084,464
Apr 02 2013PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00790082,907
Mar 04 2013PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00641082,116
Feb 04 2013PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00685081,475
Jan 03 2013PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00364079,807
Dec 03 2012PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00355079,443
Nov 02 2012PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00352079,089
Oct 02 2012PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00359077,769
Sep 05 2012PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00355077,410
Aug 02 2012PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00360077,055
Jul 03 2012PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00375075,731
Jun 01 2012PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00381075,357
May 02 2012PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00381074,976
Apr 03 2012PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00369073,660
Mar 01 2012PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00365073,291
Feb 02 2012PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00375072,926
Jan 04 2012PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00647071,689
Dec 02 2011PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00551071,042
Nov 03 2011PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00656070,491
Oct 04 2011PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00580068,972
Sep 02 2011PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00573068,393
Aug 02 2011PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00629067,820
Jul 05 2011PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00558066,369
Jun 02 2011PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00587065,811
May 03 2011PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00512065,224
Apr 04 2011PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00595063,851
Mar 03 2011PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00604063,256
Feb 03 2011PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00583062,652
Jan 04 2011PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00593061,270
Dec 02 2010PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00497060,677
Nov 02 2010PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00507060,180
Oct 01 2010PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00500058,928
Sep 02 2010PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00465058,428
Aug 03 2010PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00609057,964
Jul 02 2010PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00566056,577
Jun 02 2010PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00548056,011
May 04 2010PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00545055,463
Apr 01 2010PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00564054,249
Mar 04 2010PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00522053,685
Feb 02 2010PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00525053,163
Jan 05 2010PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00452052,093
Dec 02 2009PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00386051,641
Nov 03 2009PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00446051,254
Oct 02 2009PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00387050,237
Sep 03 2009PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00408049,850
Aug 04 2009PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00393049,442
Jul 01 2009PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00363048,552
Jun 02 2009PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00457048,189
May 04 2009PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00394047,732
Apr 02 2009PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00525046,783
Mar 05 2009PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00453046,257
Feb 03 2009PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00472045,804
Jan 05 2009PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00449044,852
Dec 02 2008PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00274044,404
Nov 04 2008PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00378044,129
Oct 02 2008PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00253043,361
Sep 03 2008PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00211043,108
Aug 04 2008PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00228042,897
Jul 02 2008PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00181042,398
Jun 03 2008PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00208042,217
May 02 2008PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00190042,009
Apr 02 2008PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00274041,524
Mar 04 2008PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00200041,249
Feb 04 2008PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00253041,049
Jan 03 2008PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00172040,557
Dec 04 2007PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00236040,385
Nov 02 2007PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00171040,150
Oct 04 2007PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00223039,978
Sep 05 2007PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00182039,499
Aug 02 2007PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00248039,317
Jul 03 2007PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00187038,822
Jun 04 2007PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00224038,635
May 03 2007PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00199038,411
Apr 03 2007PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00287037,935
Mar 02 2007PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00229037,648
Feb 02 2007PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00337037,419
Jan 03 2007PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00351036,807
Dec 04 2006PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00261036,455
Nov 02 2006PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00273036,195
Oct 03 2006PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00239035,629
Sep 05 2006PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00227035,390
Aug 03 2006PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00318035,163
Jul 05 2006PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00254034,555
Jun 02 2006PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00317034,301
May 04 2006PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00377033,984
Apr 04 2006PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00275033,302
Mar 02 2006PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00298033,026
Feb 02 2006PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00366032,728
Jan 04 2006PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00350032,096
Dec 02 2005PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00239031,745
Nov 03 2005PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00281031,506
Oct 04 2005PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00218030,991
Sep 02 2005PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00223030,774
Aug 02 2005PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00187015,275
Jul 01 2005PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00122014,974
Jun 03 2005PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00123014,852
May 03 2005PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00188014,729
Apr 04 2005PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00135014,420
Mar 03 2005PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00157014,285
Feb 03 2005PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00184014,128
Jan 03 2005PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00179013,839
Dec 02 2004PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00126013,660
Nov 02 2004PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00156013,535
Oct 04 2004PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00140013,233
Sep 02 2004PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00142013,093
Sep 02 2004PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00142013,093
Aug 02 2004PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00273012,951
Aug 02 2004PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00273012,951
Jul 02 2004PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00144012,598
Jun 04 2004PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00153012,455
May 04 2004PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00223012,302
Apr 02 2004PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00178011,975
Mar 02 2004PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00175011,796
Feb 03 2004PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00178011,621
Feb 03 2004PPLPPL CorpCONWAY JOHN WDirectorOption Exercise0.00178011,621