Get the latest insider transactions of CALDWELL PHILIP. CALDWELL PHILIP is Director in WATERS CORP /DE/ ($WAT). Discover the current value of CALDWELL PHILIP shares.


CALDWELL PHILIP is Insider in these Companies

TickerCompany NameCurrent and Previous PositionsTotal SharesCurrent Value ($)
WATWATERS CORP /DE/Director2,000294,620.00

Insider Trading Transactions of CALDWELL PHILIP

DateTickerCompanyOwnerRelationship Transaction Cost ($) Shares Transaction Value ($) Total Shares
Mar 15 2005WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorOption Exercise0.0051051
Feb 22 2005WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorOption Exercise0.002460246
Feb 01 2005WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorOption Exercise0.0053053
Jan 20 2005WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorOption Exercise0.0021021
Jan 05 2005WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorBuy0.001,00002,000
Jan 05 2005WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorOption Exercise45.774,000183,0804,000
Dec 13 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorOption Exercise0.0021021
Dec 10 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorOption Exercise0.0043043
Oct 27 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorOption Exercise0.0025025
Oct 12 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorOption Exercise0.002160216
Jul 28 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorOption Exercise0.0022022
Jul 15 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorOption Exercise0.002300230
Jun 22 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorSell0.0050,475056,653
Jun 22 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorSell0.0050,475056,653
May 06 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorOption Exercise0.002120212
Apr 29 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorOption Exercise0.0025025
Feb 26 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorOption Exercise0.002580258
Feb 04 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorOption Exercise0.0026026
Jan 06 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorBuy0.001,00001,000
Jan 06 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorOption Exercise33.124,000132,4804,000
Dec 15 2003WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorOption Exercise0.0054054
Oct 02 2003WATWATERS CORP /DE/CALDWELL PHILIPDirectorOption Exercise0.002410241