BOSCIA JON A Insider Trading

Get the latest insider transactions of BOSCIA JON A. BOSCIA JON A is Director in SOUTHERN CO ($SO). Discover the current value of BOSCIA JON A shares.


BOSCIA JON A is Insider in these Companies

TickerCompany NameCurrent and Previous PositionsTotal SharesCurrent Value ($)
SOSOUTHERN CODirector00.00

Insider Trading Transactions of BOSCIA JON A

DateTickerCompanyOwnerRelationship Transaction Cost ($) Shares Transaction Value ($) Total Shares
Apr 02 2021SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00428049,810
Jan 04 2021SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00651048,858
Oct 02 2020SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00732047,712
Jul 02 2020SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00757046,418
Apr 02 2020SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00798045,181
Jan 02 2020SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00628043,976
Jan 02 2020SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00628043,976
Jul 02 2019SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00638041,919
Apr 02 2019SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00681040,349
Jan 03 2019SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00797039,668
Oct 02 2018SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00803036,198
Jul 02 2018SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00756035,396
Apr 03 2018SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00784034,640
Jan 03 2018SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00728032,361
Oct 02 2017SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00712032,362
Jul 03 2017SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00731031,321
Apr 03 2017SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00703030,244
Jan 04 2017SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00712029,214
Oct 03 2016SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00682028,232
Jul 05 2016SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00650029,352
Jun 07 2016SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00677028,702
Jan 04 2016SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00748028,025
Oct 02 2015SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00792026,176
Sep 02 2015SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00269023,844
Aug 04 2015SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00261023,575
Jul 02 2015SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00237023,314
Jun 02 2015SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00229023,077
May 04 2015SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00223022,848
Apr 03 2015SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00226022,364
Mar 03 2015SOSOUTHERN COBOSCIA JON ADirectorOption Exercise0.00221022,139